HEAVY DUTY WORK BOOTS and safety boots FROM NEW ZEALAND'S  best brands.  composite toe cap to Fully waterproof boots for THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS, We cater to all industries FROM mining to electrical and From food handling to construction.

Geting a great pair of safety boots is all about comfort and durability. If your not 100% happy with your boots when they arrive, send them back we will refund your money .  Also, when you boots arrive if they don't fit comfortably then simply send them back for a full refund or replacement size. We also offer a full replacement guarantee if your boots come apart for any reason. We carry only  brands that we know will last the distance and do the job like Bickz, Heroes, Bata Safemate Gumboots, and Mammoet. Its standard practice in New Zealand to purchase a new pair of work boots each year or two if your wearing them daily and in heavy conditions. We  have a great range of safety boots and gumboots in-stock.